Monday, June 27, 2011

A Parenting Win

About 2 weeks ago I came across this blog post about work boxes (geez, I am like the biggest Lindsey Cheney fan in the world!). She uses this system as part of her home schooling routine but it made a giant light bulb go off above my head because I thought it would be a great idea to get my girls to do some summer school work. Every year I set out dedicated that they will at least read over the summer and if I am really ambitious, practice math. This year, for Olivia, mastering the math multiplication facts is imperative so I needed to follow through.

My system is scaled down for just 2 kids and 2 boxes per day. Olivia is the shade of purple and Shelby is the blue (her fravorite color). Olivia especially is excited about this and if I don't have them loaded at the start of the day, she asks! Yesterday, she asked me to fill the boxes on Sunday.
After they have completed the task in each box, they close it back up, turn it around and the box reads DONE. These are at the end of the hall in our upstairs by their bedrooms which is leading to a great result, they are completing them in the morning. So far I have included math flash cards, printed times tests, workbook sheets with telling time practice, books to be read (or a card asking they read 1 chapter) and instructions to write letters to Tyler, my nephew who is away at bootcamp.

When I first introduced them, Olivia nearly immediately said: you never follow through with these ideas. And she is right. But this year we are all going to do better.

One last thing, I sometimes tuck a surprise in box 2 which seems to be a real motivator as well :) I am not too proud to beg...

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