Friday, April 27, 2007

an assortment of things

A recent scrapbook page. There have been not been many :( Not a lot of time or inspiration. I usually scan my pages, but scanner went wacko after I used it to make photo copies so until I fix that, I am left with photographing my pages. Not too hot on the results of this. Especially not if I create anything worthy of submitting to a magazine. One more page from just yesterday:

I finally went to the doctor and now I am on an antibiotic for my cough. I am OH SO READY to be done with this. As of today, I am feeling really worn out.

I met my friend Tiffany, and her cute niece, today for lunch which was a nice treat. I worked with Tiffany years ago, and I am always happy about maintaining a good friendship. She was making a donation to a "Relay for Life" basket which will be used to raise money. My friend Amy is organizing a raffle at the place we all worked at together: Hubert. Yes, in my past life I sold tongs, pans, and fake parsley! After that I sold ice machines so don't go laughing about the parsley thing. I could not find a decent link to the activities relating to "Relay for Life" but once I get that from Amy, I will pass it along. VERY worthwhile cause. Five of us current, and past, Hubert employees pulled together to create a Beach themed basket which I hope raises a few dollars for the cause.

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