Friday, March 30, 2012


Sadly this is the only regular post that's been happening. I do love my iPhone and take a ton more "life" photos because of it.

The incredibly flexible girl.

The Lorax in chalk.


And more chalk. Hers reads: I think about Skipper.

Impromptu tea party.

Soccer via some fun Instagram filters.

Reading in bed with her pooch at her side.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Insta Friday 3.23

This week's installment of InstaFriday...all photos are from the phone. Dig it! Join in at Life ReArranged.
 Cool building in Pigeon Forge, TN and the beautiful scenery leading in to old Gatlinburg.

 Dave's 91 year old grandmother. My three waltzing into the Hillybilly Golf. We are classy. That is all.

Super projects that the kids each made this week. A space shuttle and a Lorax rocket.
 A creative shot of the four of us with our golf balls and clubs.
 My girl and her creation.
And a Santa Claus parade, on St. Patrick's Day in Gatlinburg, TN. File this under: now that's something you don't see everyday! Pin It

Friday, March 16, 2012

Insta Friday

Enjoying a road trip so this is the "quick and dirty" version of InstaFriday.

S found a series of books that she is loving.

Costco cheesecake = yummo

Crocheted mug rug made by my Mom.


The best way to road trip.

Vintage sheet quilt nearly done.

Crazy, stormy drive and when we arrived there was hail.

Gorgeous view

My view from the couch :)
Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

another project life *ish page

Really and truly loving the design of these pages and filling up the spaces with goodies, words and photos.

This is the first non-monthly layout summary page for my 2012 book and it is about ME!! The idea of clipping my photo across four openings here is one I have seen done several times on the internet and I loved it too much not to copy. And it did not take me too terribly long to accomplish this in PhotoShop. Leave a comment if someone needs specifics. Here is one of the layouts that inspired that:

Click source for a list of all the products I used or to be taken to Kelly's layout. Pin It

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinned It, Made It: Afghan

This is one of those Pinterest pins that leads to nowhere specific so...all I know is that Lion Brand yarn somehow deserves credit. When I pinned this, I shared it with my Mom because I don't know how to crochet.

Today we celebrated our birthdays and she gave me this...
 (photo snapped by Shelby with my iphone into direct sunlight)

I'd snap a better photo of it now but it's already gone through the washer and is in the dryer! What you cannot see is the blue is really a perfect shade of turquoise and along with the beige and cream are yellow blocks too. It is so lovely. Totally a modern take on an afghan. I cannot wait to display and it use it in our family room. I have been wanting to add some touches of aqua and this will get me off to the start I need. I am already considering painting my lamps blue!

Thank you Mom. I love you and Happy Birthday to you too.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinned It, Made It: patchwork lanyard

The newest trend among the 5th grade girls is to wear lanyards with flash drives around their necks. Olivia was wearing a blue one I had gotten at a convention but I offered to make one because this Hippo flash drive deserved better. Wouldn't you agree?
I used this tutorial and here is what I came up with:

She has worn it every day this week and tonight, I am actually putting a few documents and a video on it for a school project tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Project Life-ish February layouts

 This is February.

I cannot get enough of all the Project Life bits and bobs available from all over the www. While still trying to keep it simple, I am enjoying adding new things as I find them. CatScrap Designs continues to be my primary resource. You can find many of the products I have used in their Shop.

A great resource is the Plucky Momo blog. She is giving one freebie each week that coordinates with a full kit that she designs and sells. And of course the Pinterest boards are always full of inspiration. If you have not joined me there yet, please do. Tracy on PINTEREST.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Evolution of my Digital Scrapbooking and Memory Keeping

Tuesday I shared how I organize my pages into albums and marry digital + traditional pages. I want to be clear, I am pretty easy going about this topic! Since the beginning, I am more of a moments scrapper and will sit down and make a page because I like a photo or because my kids did something especially cute, funny etc. I don't have a page for every birthday and holiday and I am OK with that. I also get to a point where I say, what I have done is good enough and I simply move on. I really believe each page and recorded memory is better than none so I don't worry about being caught up. I never have. There are many popular scrappers who seem to embrace this same vibe and certainly have provided me with inspiration and motivation. At the top of the list is Ali Edwards.

  {September Summary page}

When 2008 began to wind down I realized I loved everything about digital scrapbooking and I had  a very novice understanding of PhotoShop which I hoped would be enough. At that point, I set out to record 2009 digitally with the ultimate goal of printing my first Shutterfly Photobook. My approach would include one summary layout for each month and random additional pages that covered events more fully. I embraced the use of templates and limited myself to a short list of digital kits and product. In the end, the whole book coordinated. 

{example of an individual page}

In late January of 2010, I called it good. I simply said the pages I have at this point are enough to tell our story. I uploaded and pressed order. The book is 34 pages and I treasure each one. The monthly summaries kept me on track and I really did not mind limiting myself to only a handful of products. This strategy worked so well that I did it again in 2010!

I again used a limited number of products and each page loosely coordinated. The biggest pro is that this format kept me on track. I rarely fell behind on completing the monthly layout and my biggest resource was my blog. I could look back for key events and happenings and then translate them onto the page. The con? I did tire of using the same items this time around. So much digi goodness available and I felt like I had imposed a restriction on myself so for 2011 I changed it up.

How do you record and organize your pages?

The main thing I have learned, and one that I have made an unwritten rule, is to print my pages! The format (photobook, individual pages, in an album or binder) doesn't matter but the enjoyment multiplies when you can hold your creations in your hand.

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