Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a few bits of random info

First, we headed back to Pizazz today in search of another Webkin. The only store closer to us, with them in stock, had nothing but white bunnies yesterday. Well, Olivia hit the mother load and got the coveted Clydesdale horse, using money from her Lemonade Stand, saved up change, dollars from PaPa and money MaMa sends in cards. The price went from 9.95 to 12.95 so I spotted her a few bucks! But me, I hit the real jackpot. This store has a HUGE Vera Bradley display, and today, as we stood outside waiting for the doors to open, who was there paying a visit? The Vera Bradley rep!! And she gave me, and two other ladies free stuff. I was carrying a Medallion style purse, so she gave me this:

I think VB calls it a jewelry case, although I see it as a make up case. And a tiny little jewelry holder, but I do not see that online. Very cute and in this pattern:

I feel like now I need to buy a purse to match it! There sure were lots of new, very cute things from VB there, and if I do buy anything in the future, it will be from that store b/c that woman has won me over. Seriously, I bet that was $50+ in gifts. Surprise! Hooray for me! She even gave my girls notepads, and those were for sale in the store as well. Totally loving the new patchwork pattern I saw, I wish the purse styles came in that, not just the change purses.

Next, here are the Mother's Day bookmarks I made:

I printed the photo collages in PS, added a few digi elements, attached them to cardstock and sewed on a ribbon tag.

And big news for Shelby..............she has tinkled twice on the potty in the last 24 hours. And she has asked me to go. Holy cow, could I be getting close to a diaper free home?!

She also had her last day of pre-school, she graduated. I am very proud of that. She will now move on to 3 yr old pre-school next year! Her teacher made an elaborate scrapbook for each of the 8 kids, and she teaches 3 classes so that is 24 total books--24 pages each--plus she gave me at least a dozen extra photos. As a scrapper, I was blown away b/c I know how much time each must have taken. I plan to donate all of my unused supplies directly to her, b/c I know they would go to good use. Absolutely an amazing gift to receive.

***Vera Bradley product photos from their website*** Pin It

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