Monday, August 27, 2007


Kacie is 21. And at her big B'day celebration, her Godmother brought her birth announcement. Talk about a fun and good idea. That brought back so many good memories. And for me, what is so cool, is that I can remember vividly the day, night, minute, she was born. And now she is 21. I was 17 when she arrived, so nearly an adult if age qualifies you for that, but mostly just a kid. But it did give me the advantage of knowing and loving her just about like she could be my own, b/c I was enough older than her. And the best part? I remember her whole life. All of it. Right up to this fun and memorable night. I think it went just like she had hoped and I espeically love the photo of her looking out the door of the limo. That is what she wanted, and she got it!!
That top photo is just a hoot. That is my parents, her grandparents, waving goodbye as the big ol' bad limo takes their baby granddaughter into the night...via a gas station for beer and a stop in Northern Kentucky to defray sales tax...or something like that!!
Oh and the third one, that is me and the B'day girl. This blog is ALL about me. Right?!
And last, some p-a-r-t-a-y girls.

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