Wednesday, August 15, 2007

church bingo

My daughter attends a catholic school and there are 2 basic stipulations for making things run smoothly, and to ensure you pay a lowered tuition rate:
1) You attend church every week and put your envelope in the basket. I have struggled a bit with being so watched over by big brother, but I am coming to terms with it. It really is more about being there, and participating, then the amount you put in the collection each week. And after attending the reception at our priest's home, I realized policing is no fun either.
2) You work at Tuesday Night Bingo once every other month. This is a big moneymaker (although unfortunately, less than in the past b/c it has become non-smoking which has lowered the attendance rate) and goes directly toward defraying active parishioners tuition.

Last nite was my first time working Bingo. I sold instants/rip offs for about 2.5 hours straight. Which means, I walked around with a tote of money and instant cards, calling out the names of the ones I carried, and people bought them from me. A ton from me. A mind boggling amount. And they know which kind they like, and which has a jackpot, and what serial number has already sold out or if they are buying from a new stack.

Without being judgmental, I will say there were all kinds of people there, from all walks of life. Some there with friends for a distraction and camaraderie, and others clearly there spending their last pennies with a hope of hitting it big. And that part was hard. Because in the words of my friend Jenny: "It ain't gonna happen".

I am not sure what percentage of the instants sales is profit, but I'd guess a lot. Good for the church. Good for my daughter who is privileged to attend a private, faith based, school.

Good for everyone ? I am not so sure. Pin It

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