Thursday, August 30, 2007

my sickie

This is my poor little girl on Tuesday, gearing up for a full blown fever. She has an odd syndrome called PFAPA, which fortunately she is outgrowing. When she was a baby, she would have 105 temps for about 5 days and we had no idea why. After about 4 months of this, a few near breakdowns on my part, we got a referral to a wonderful rheumatologist who diagnosed it immediately, putting many of my fears to rest, and armed us with the steroid Prendisone. Sure, there are scary side effects but in the way we use it, it is nothing short of a miracle. Once I can get her to take it, which is no easy feat, the fever disappars within the hour. A second dose the next day, and she is all better. But, the time waiting to figure out if it is a fever vs. a virus or something else can be a day or more of a very sick girl, and then it may take another 12 hours to get the steroid in her, and to stay down.
Luckily now, she has a fever episode only about every 3 months or so. Having a sick child is so hard, and even though two days seems tough, I recall her being so sick for days and I am just grateful to be where we are. Certainly, I did learn that I am my child's advocate and there is no stopping a mommy on a mission on behalf of her little one.
Now, about the layout...Cathy at MDM told me about clipping masks in Photo Shop earlier in the week, and my life has changed forever. Look at the plaid { I made!!! Wow. That is from Carrie Bombria's plaid shirt papers at Check it out.
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i want to learn about clipping masks!!!!!