Sunday, October 28, 2007

all things halloween

Today has been a day to prepare for the week ahead. I have a small level of participation in Shelby's class party, I donated drinks and am to attend during the final 15 minutes. I am the room mom (oy!!) for Olivia so the photos above depict the making of a toilet paper pumpkin! Today we glued 21 leaves, to 21 stems and then of course, my girls had to make a few pumpkins of their own. Pretty cute idea, huh? Don't you know I saw someone selling the same thing on etsy for $8! I also printed labels with each child's name for the treat bags shown, and stuffed those with a few gifts. They will also be getting tattoos, candy, and a few other prizes for doing the games. Pretty crazy. I am beginning to feel the vibe at the school and am slowly becoming a very active volunteer. I love it, I do. But the more of my talents I reveal, the more sought after I will become. It appears to be a slippery slope.
Ok, then to end the day on Halloween, we are hosting our 2nd annual neighborhood trick or treat kick off party. I have totally lost my mind, it would seem. Everyone brings something to share though, we plug the crockpots into a surge protector, and just dig in so it's relatively laid back. The weather forecast is dry, but cold. We'll survive.
Yesterday, I scrapbooked all day at a "crop". I will share some pages later in the week. It's going to be one of those weeks where the extra memory card might get some use, and all the batteries need to be charged. And oh heck, Halloween is also my sister's birthday too. Party on!
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