Monday, October 22, 2007


if you think you cannot go on a girls weekend trip for 4 days b/c :
your kids will not survive, they will
your husband cannot do it, he can
you will miss your kids too much, you won't (not too much, just enough)
you cannot afford it, you can
you don't deserve it, you do
you're way too content to stay at home, you're not

I learned this plus more; check it out!! And enjoy a quick view of the bars, the beaches, the bands...of Florida. Also in breaking news:
I can party like a rock star for 3 nights (sure, I now have self induced laryngitis, but that is a minor detail)
I can survive without seeing the inside of a grocery store for 4 whole days.
I can survive without a true serving of a fruit or a vegetable.
I can meet a young Kenny Rogers look a like;

or a John Kerry look a like (and it is OK if you are not a fan of the Senator, really just express yourself openly) at the same bar.
9 girls can get ready and catch a sunset on the beach....almost.the bigger the margarita, apparently the weirder the other bar patrons behave.

and on that note, i will take a short break from photos!! stay tuned, if there is not a backlash, there may be more! Pin It


Carla said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. so glad you did this for yourself! now i want to go.

Anonymous said...

and it was really that much fun!!!!
One of the Nine
Love the pics, thanx for no b-suis