Friday, October 12, 2007


I am off to my 20 year high school reunion. I am no spring chicken! I am looking forward to seeing so many of my old friends; both the ones I stay in contact with, and those I have probably not seen in 5 years or more. It's a girls' night out too so no unnecessary torture for the men!

Here's a little layout about my sweet girl Olivia:

The journaling says:

You have been faced withone of the facts of life...that kids can be mean.You told me a few weeks agothat a few girls said you were“hairy”, and that is true. For alittle girl, you hav e a lot of darkhair on your legs and I knewthis day would come, that someone would make fun. Youseemed to take it in stride on thatday but you told me again afew nights ago, that one girl hadsaid it again. Gosh, I want tothrottle that girl! That is my firstmama bear instinct. Instead, Itried to talk to you about howto handle it and what to say toher in return. The reality is, this is going to be the first of manystruggles. Kids always can sniff out a weakness, or somethingabout yourself that you are not sure of, or confident in. Ihope I can give you the tools tosort things out. And always reassure you that you are beautiful.Fall 2007Age 6

Curse the dark hair I tell you!!

Everything is from Audra Little Second Spring and graph alpha. Scalloped frame by Jessica Sprague at CK.

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Carla said...

What a heartfelt page. I love your journaling on this & that you scrap about the gritty part of life too, not just the happy stuff. You have a definite talent for this!! Can't wait to hear about the reunion. (Are we still the only two commenting on each other's blogs?!!!!)