Sunday, October 7, 2007

what i have read recently

About 6 weeks ago, I read Dedication, by the author of the Nanny Diaries. I have never read that book, and it was not in at the time I looked at the library, so I picked up the other. Kind of a strange book, I followed through and finished it, but it was not so riveting. The way it was written was sorta difficult to follow, more like a blog (like this one in fact!), not very structured. And funny, I had dinner w/ my friend Amy and she had the same impression and did not even finish it. I will probably still read the Nanny Diaries though, that is more likely to happen than me seeing the movie. Movies here, not so much...

Next stop at the library and I needed a new book to fill my hours of sitting outside patroling kids. I have read many of the Mary Higgins Clark books, and just picked up the newest one I had not read: I Heard that Song Before. It was pretty good and a quick read.

I picked up a new novel last week, the name now escapes me, because that afternoon my neighbor handed over her copy of Paula Deen's "It Ain't all about the Cookin'", which is her memoirs I guess, maybe you'd call it an autobiography. I like Paula, I think she is fun to watch on TV and the book was well done. She had some tough spots in her life, that's for sure. She is a real American success story. And heck, her sons, especially that tall one, are darned cute!

I also picked up Everyday Food at the library. I like the format and style of the recipes. I may have to buy the next copy though, b/c I like to dog ear, and then tear out recipes to try. The whole, magazine from the library, is not really conducive to that!

I am off to round up the girls to go buy a new pumpkin for the classroom. It seems the one they got at last week's field trip, somehow got cracked and is rotting. No way it is going to make it until a decent date for it to be carved. Olivia has taken this particularly hard. And since last week, in my first duty as Room Parent, I missed the teacher's birthday, I thought this might be a nice gesture to acknowledge her day belatedly...replace the pumpkin. I sent a note to all the parents to have the kids bring cards tomorrow, as a belated surprise as well. Olivia made hers earlier and it so sweet...she spelled Mrs. as "misis". And the inside said "look at the picsr bloe" translated to mean: look at the picture below. Love it! Pin It

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