Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a skater...and a swimmer...kinda

This is Olivia last week at her school skating party. Girl is definitely a fashion don't but as any seasoned Mom knows: choose your battles. I have actually let her wear these pants to an "out of uniform" day at school and to the skating rink. The purple skates came from Santa. She was better this year than last and I think once Spring arrives, and she practices outside, she will really get the hang of it.

Moving on to Shelby's second week of swimming lessons. First, I noticed a very scared look on her face about midway through the lesson. She had the pool. Again, you know you are a seasoned Mom when you basically just shrug your shoulders and return to your seat, rather than break into hives or maniacal laughter. I made it back to my seat just in enough time to settle in, look back over at the lesson and notice that my child was flailing, mostly under the water with arms above it. I screamed: Shelby, stand up! Which prompted the teacher to turn around and pluck her upward. The teacher is GREAT, thankfully, and talked to her enough that she even stayed in the pool vs. coming out by me. A little bit of a scare though, I am not going to lie. I think she just lost her footing but she really was not entirely panicked, she was trying to stand back up and get her head out of the water. Exactly why we need lessons.
So, is it any wonder that by dinner time, about an hour later, I was nearly suffering a nervous breakdown?! Just a long day.
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