Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Treats

Shelby and I made these bags for her classmates. I created the "bag topper" in photoshop and stapled them to cello bags. I wish I could have convinced Olivia to do something as snappy, but at 6, she is way over something like this. Sigh.

Next topic: Grannies Gone Wild.
Before your mind runs entirely away from you, this is the name of an Instant or Rip Off, as they are called at the Church Bingo, where I dutifully put my 2.5 hours in last night. For a few minutes, I wondered if I were on Candid Camera walking through the aisles, announcing: Grannies Gone Wild. See, I assumed they are all were accustomed to that type of Instant, only apparently, I was introducing them, to 83 people, for the first time. I got MANY comments. The ladies (the median age is definitely 60+, mostly female) either laughed and said something funny, or for a split second thought I was harassing them. The few men in attendance, asked where they could get one, said they were already married to get the picture. It's not boring there. Let's just leave it at that.

A full agenda tomorrow: 2 school parties followed by a school Skating Party in the evening. My life, it is rich :)
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