Sunday, March 2, 2008

my pirate

Something quick. Shelby had this special day last week. I think she wore it all here, and once she was at school, everything went in her backpack. She is too busy to fiddle with such nonsense!
The February frame is from DigiTreats.
Anna Russel Paper. Page template: Blue Flombingo.
Alpha: Fat Alpha from Nikkie at Faith Sisters.

I hosted my Mexian fiesta for my 4 girlfriends on Friday night. It was such a good time! Two thumbs up for the premade Margaritas in the bottle, both varieties were very taste. I liked the Jose Quervo Gold the best.
I made several dishes from scratch but Blogger is not letting me cut and paste right now. Look for recipes tomorrow.

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Carla said...

Happy Birthday chica!!