Wednesday, May 14, 2008




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It actually went well and she is still overall excited about her new accessory. I did not realize she was getting a pretty sizeable prescription so the sour face is her believing that the glasses were not working, or were working incorrectly! It is quite a transition from looking down through them for up close work and then trying to look up and function before she takes them back off.
As a mom, with HORRIBLE vision, I am a bit sad today b/c I think this is likely the beginning of lots of pairs of glasses and eventually contact lenses. There is a realistic part of me that sees the value in them them too. When she sat down to write her spelling words in ABC order, after she wrote the first word she said: is my handwriting better? And it is...much better. That has been her only poor grade during the entire school year, and here it is probably being caused by poor vision not poor writing skills. She also read later tonight and commented that the words looked bigger in the book. She is absolutely thriving in school right now, I cannot imagine the intellectual growth spurt she has in store for us now.
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carla said...

i remember the day i realized i needed glasses; we were at northgate mall xmas shopping and i realized i had to squint at something my parents could see very clearly... it was a traumatic day but looking back on it all, if that was the worst that had ever happened to me i would have been very happy!! :) yet another memory along the journey of childhood... you do a great job of capturing it...