Friday, May 9, 2008

oceans of fun

Olivia was in her first school play today. This is her first grade class. Oh my, a total 10+ plus on the cuteness scale!! She did so great. She had about 6-7 lines and sang in 3-4 of the group songs. I really commend the music teacher there, along with her teacher, and the ton of parents who volunteer. Three years ago, parents made these costumes which are pretty elaborate if you ask me!! Olivia was a zebra fish with spots instead of stripes. The gist of the story was that a shark wanted to be friends with everyone but other fish are afraid of him, and then a handful of other characters have little issues like Olivia's spots vs. stripes, an octopus with 7 legs, a blowfish with allergies and an inhaler. Cute and appropriate. Shockingly, I did not cry, I usually waver between welling up and stifling sobs at most any school function. I feel like this week has me feeling so grateful for my kids and feeling extra lucky to be a Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.
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