Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the past

A few days ago, while searching thru pictures (and layouts) using Picasa, my digital organizer, I am came across scans of my old scrapbook pages. The first one shown here, of Shelby and I, is definitely one of my more cherished memories. I wrote that story down, "journaled" it, within weeks of having her and I am so glad I did. Otherwise, so many of those details would have been lost: the nurse's name, how it felt so hot in that NICU, the way her heart rate regulated itself...just so many details. I know one thing that has prompted me to take notice is Ali Edward's blog and her focus on words+photos. They really are the heart of the matter. To say I love to go back and read about my girls is an understatement. It is really a treasure, one that I am pretty darned proud of myself for taking time to create. The past few days have been a little push to keep it up even though I have strayed pretty far from my original scrapping style and products, I am still telling the story of my family. I really want to keep that up.
The second little page is from the pregnancy album/journal I kept during my pregnancy with Shelby. Again, a little trip (more like convoluted journey in the case of my pregnancies!) down memory lane. This one just outlines the basics, but I like it. I remember thinking how clever I was back then using the measuring tape paper and being creative to highlight the different numbers. Again, styles may have changed but I am glad to have the info recorded.
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