Friday, July 4, 2008

bacon ranch potato salad

So my neighbor tells me she is taking this potato salad with her on a boat trip this weekend. I am am all like: yea, yea, yea...until I hear her say 3 ingredients! Then I take note and I just made it!I am such a cheater that I bought a 1.5 lb. bag of new potatoes in a ready to steam bag. Cooked those, diced them, let them cool a bit and added bacon ranch dressing (I used Hidden Valley) and chopped up 3 green onions. It is really good! I just did a quick check online and there are a ton of variations out there. Other fun things to add:
hard boiled eggs
fresh cooked bacon
green or red pepper
homemade dressing, or made from a packet instead of a bottle.
Mine is off to it's rainy destination dressed only in three lonely ingredients. Oh well.
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