Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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I am pretty consumed lately by all the cool stuff I see online. Some, I am willing to buy, and much of it, I am inspired to try to create. Here is a list and lots of links to some things truly striking my fancy ( you may recognize some as things I have recently tried or incorporated into my office refresh!);

Hoop de Doo: embroidery hoops turned wall art
Little Birdie Secrets: too many good things to call out each one individually, scroll through for some awesome ideas such as fabric boards, magnetic boards, embroidery hoop wall art, baby goodness
white canvas turned art with fabric: definitely going to knock one of these off for my owl themed office
gratitude wrap: love this concept and a wee bit of googling unveiled a tutorial to make them, click here.
BHG 100 decorating ideas under $100-treated myself to this special issue (sorry, cannot find a direct link online) and it was an incredibly well spent $5.99. I have dogeared 20+ pages of great, easy, affordable ideas.
glasses case made from a man's tie: haven't tried this, want to!

I will have to do a part II of this next week b/c now I need to return to work before my youngest darling returns home from pre-school! Pin It

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