Monday, October 13, 2008

check out whose page is on Ali Edward's blog

MINE!! She is showing some examples from people who participated in the week in the life project (getting tired of that mantra yet?!) and lo and behold if you scroll down here, you will find two of my pages. Ali is really an inspiration. I love her style in all things but she is certainly a go-to, always return to, person for scrapbooking ideas. Click around on her blog, tons of good things there.
I have a few more pages in the works for my "week" project and hope to get it nearly done this week if I can. I am getting super anxious about uploading it to Shutterfly and having a real book printed. Pin It

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Carla said...

congrats! i know how exciting it is to be recognized on someone else's blog! esp someone famous! LOL!