Friday, October 3, 2008

day 6 of my challenge

Only one more day of hard core photo taking and then I move on to creating my scrapbook. It has been a fun and inspiring week. I am glad I forced myself to take notice of the details of our lives.
Shot 1 today is Olivia's baby bedding, circa 2001 that I listed today on Craigs List which is a first for me. Maybe I will earn a little fun money. Shot 2 is from my backyard under our pine tree. I almost NEVER go in my backyard, beyond the confines of the pool. Today I did. Shot 3 is Shelby finding the hidden seeds in a dried out marigold. MaMa showed the girls how to do that. Shot 4 is our pool. Dave poured the antifreeze, pool closing chemicals in and it turned to this shade from sparkling clear. Hmm? It also smells very strongly of bleach. Hope that all works out. Tomorrow we are getting the very squeaky dryer repaired, I cannot handle a pool snafu too.

Today I attempted to salvage my attempt at a gratitude wrap. Love the idea of this and I think when I try again, I will have much better success. This first one will have to remain my own. Tomorrow I will share pics of it, but for now, click on the above link for some really well done ones. I did buy a bias tape maker today at Joanns. Clearly, I need at least a 1" tape to ever successfully fasten it to anything. It worked like a charm.
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