Wednesday, November 12, 2008

crafting: a pencil wrap

I have seen this idea many times, both online, and then in my copy of BHG Weekend Decorating Ideas, which I love. That one said to use a dinner napkin, so I had two of these on hand from who knows when and gave it a try. The stripes actually made it VERY easy for me to sew straight and to space out the lines correctly. And this was FAST. My daughter's preschool class is collecting for an "artrageous" gift basket to be given away at the Cookies With Santa and I thought this would be perfect. I might get super ambitious, make another, and give it away here!
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Mrs. Incredible said...

Very cute! Did you sew the ribbon in one spot or along the whole wrap?

Tracy said...

I just connected it under one edge with the ribbon folded in half.

Anonymous said...

Totally love this. My kids "rattle" their pencils getting them out of any bag I put them in for sundays during church...this might fix that. Let's see,I need one for pencil day, one for crayon day, one for gel pen day! Thanks for sharing! Yours is TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

You said "dinner napikin", but I noticed this almost looks like the size of a placemat. I wanted to confirm that?