Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pdf files: print your own labels, bookmarks, cards tags...

over and over and over. I am thinking this is so genious. To get a feel for what I am talking about, see the above photo from the Lolly Chops blog. She has a ton of cute FREE tags and cards. You simply punch or cut them out. I have seen some great stuff on etsy too:

Little Brown Pen--my first intro to this idea, and a big fav, love the calendars too

Salamander-more cards

Stelie Designs-beautiful stationary, not print your own though

The do-it-yourselfer, photoshop lover in me just had to take this idea and run with it. So, I have already made a few personalized gifts in this fashion, however, since I am incorporating other designer's (digital scrapbook elements=perfect fit) I cannot offer anything here for free...yet. I believe I can make something simple enough on my own so stay tuned. Last week, the first set I made were for a good friend's birthday. First, I made a simplified version of the "gratitude wrap" and then 8 notecards using a tree template, and digital papers from Little Dreamer Designs.

Everything folds up neatly and can hold a journal, notecards and stamps. Love it!! I am going to buckle down soon and make my list for Christmas gift giving, and I hope I can make a few handmade things. Pin It

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