Thursday, December 4, 2008

checking a few things off my to do list

I picked up all my photos today: both my cards and all the 5x7's that I am cutting down to make a desk calendar for my family. I printed all my envelopes too. You can see a little sneaky of my card, nice work from Costco, huh?!
Next, is the 2008 version of Shabby Princess CD calendar that I updated for 2009 with dates and new pics.. This is my 3rd year of making these, and I do believe I have it down to a science now. Or at least it has gone MUCH quicker! I bought new dates from Little Dreamer. Here is my helpful advice:
1) merge down the files and then plop each one down onto a 5x7 new document, married up to the left corner and snug across the bottom. This will save you in trimming them later. I had mine printed at Costco and they look just great.
2) even if you are going to use these in a CD holder, printing on photo paper makes them stand up much nicer and look sharper, than cardstock
3) last year, I had them bound at Office Depot, which I plan to do again. They added the cardboard "stand" and the binding for $4-5, I cannot remember.

(This is the cover of last year's version, but it shows the stand and binding)

These were such a big hit, my family is requesting them. Heck, my Mom asked for two, one for work and one for home. So, I have 5 of these already to head to Office Depot and I am feeling pretty good about my sense of accomplishment.

I also need to shout out a huge thanks to my carpool partner who generously took Shelby to a Burger King playland, giving me an extra 2+ hours today to do all this in.

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heidi larsen said...

great blog! love the cd calendar idea! yours turned out so adorable too! thanks tracy! :)