Saturday, January 3, 2009

my first scrapbook page in a loooooooong time--

And the whole thing was pre-made so who could resist just slipping in two photos and adding some journaling? I collected a bunch of cute "quick page templates" as I call them, over the month of December. I am going to just fill them in and print. Instant gratification...almost. It's the jump start I need to get me back in the groove of capturing some of our memories. I have a lot of stories going unrecorded which I do not seem to notice unless I look back in an old scrapbook and feel so happy that I took the time to make those pages. I have other things competing for my time: a PT job, my family (of course) and my new hobby of sewing but I need to make time for my first passion too. I do not have much info on this quick page other then the file name: awall QP. This creative soul should have left more info!!

Off to pick up my car from the service department. I dodged a bullet and got away with just the necessary maintenance. I thought for sure they would find something gravely amiss. My wheels will be 6 next month!
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