Monday, January 5, 2009

what's going on...

I listed ONE Vera Bradley purse on Craig's List last night. That sold right away and I have the cash in hand tonight. Yea!! I get all pumped up over that. I also listed a ton of kids' DVDs (Dora, Blues Clues, Elmo) and not one bite. Maybe soon? If not, they are going back in a giant bag and to the local consignment OR thrift store.

Next, my very strained relationship with the local school bus transportation director continues. Today, busing "got restored"which changed nothing much for us since we still had a bus. So my 7 y/o still gets picked up on a 2 lane highway. Perfect. I only called to ask if the drop off time was perhaps incorrect since it was ONE MINUTE after the school's dismissal time. Still, she wanted to argue with me?! So exactly 16 minutes after stated drop off time, she was dropped off. I am happy it is early, do not get me wrong about that, yet I prefer not to wait in the car for 16 extra minutes, on the highway, in the cold...see what I mean? I am pretty sure my face is on a dartboard at that woman's office or at the very least, posted with a big red slash through it. Heck, one year my drama even made it on to our Christmas card!

I had made a list of things to accomplish for my PT job today and got most checked off the list plus some extras. I am inspired after reading Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets For Networking Your Way to RICH Relationships. Some serious no nonsense tips in there. I have moved on to the "green book" and I am hoping for as big a kick in the pants.

I also made a recipe out of my new Slow Cooker cookbook, in my new Crock Pot. (Thanks mom and Kelly!). Ok, I love crockpots for keeping things warm and serving stuff at parties but I cannot get over the taste of things after they have cooked ALL day in them? It was kind of like my Philly Steak sandwiches tasted like a pot roast on a bun? I will not give up though b/c I have seen far too many soup recipes to stop now! Input? Ideas?

I also found these WAY cute calendar freebies. Stay tuned as I turn them in to a few cute gifties. I mean, they are cute already, I am just going to add to them... Pin It


M said...

Thanks for the link love. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the calendars!!

Carla said...

ok those calendars are great. mod podge has always been a mystery to me... you will have to explain it when we go to dinner! also did you get the gitomer book from the library? or buy it? if it's the latter and you're willing to share, i'd love to borrow it. :)