Sunday, February 1, 2009

funky mini quilt & Sunday Showcase #1


a successful mitred corner!

back, with parallel quilting lines

I decided (really, I am copying other people) to name these little buggers (assuming there will be more) so this one is: 201 february lane. Get it? Today is 02.01. I thought that could potentially make for some cute names and also document things as I go, provide a little timeline.

I machine appliqued in black, and I used a little iron on backing to stick them down first. I found a roll of something I already had, it had no name on it or directions but it worked in a pinch. Ideally, adhering the whole shape would work better. My sewing of circles and curves leaves a lot to be desired at this point too. Oh well, I am only on day 10 of my quilting career so I have to take the bad with the good!

In honor of a new month, a new day, melting ice...I am going to start something I will call the Sunday Showcase. Just some sharing of things I have found lately that you might enjoy too:

Super inspiring quilter

A good read: The Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit 2: Honestly, I am enjoying these but after coming off of the Twilight Series, which is SO well written, they are just OK. And NO, I am not going to try knitting next. I just gloss right over those references in the storyline.

A new, cool, scrapbooking collaboration: House of 3. I like the blogwear stuff, and the price sure seems right!

One of my all time favorite finds on etsy: plushism. I have not gotten one yet, but I have never found a cuter case for my point and shoot either.

Shelby is only slightly better today but I am going to Olivia's basketball game regardless. I think it might do her some good to get out as well, plus it is 42 degrees. And there is NO DOUBT that I need to get out of this house...

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