Thursday, February 19, 2009

mini cooler=BIG smile

Each season I think I am going to kick my Vera Bradley buying habit but those people are just creative geniuses and the stuff always gets cuter and cuter. Today I went to a gift shop that I love, to get a 50th b'day gift and while there treated myself to this cute wristlet. (I really wanted to share a picture from the VB website but those devils seem to have changed all their photo files to PNGS.) Anyway, I love the new brown/green/purple color scheme. And guess what? They have this crazy promotion going on where you can buy a cooler for $15. Please click on my crazy promotion hyperlink to see it. I cannot wait for Spring and a chance to hit the park with my lil' packed lunch and cool drinks. Oh, and I got mine in the same pattern as my wristlet. Yea! Oh, and I did manage to get the birthday gift too... Pin It

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