Friday, March 6, 2009

project 365-february

I thought I was not meeting any of my so-called new year's goals. I did not choose any resolutions but I did assign a word to sorta live by. My word is ACHIEVE. Lots of stuff that I'd like to achieve this year. One goal was to work on this 2009 photo book. Rather than it being a burden, I found myself waiting for the month to be over so I could complete my pages for February. I never allow myself to feel "behind" or like "I will never be caught up" in scrapbooking b/c I figure someday, every little thing I did record will be worthwhile...however...being on track is a good feeling too! Sticking with the same basics is really liberating as well. I have SO much accumulated that I normally cannot even find a starting place on a page, even when I have a story to tell or a great picture I want to highlight. I am really enjoying working within this type of blueprint.

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