Wednesday, April 15, 2009

cooking and baking

I made a seriously, outrageously good cake for Easter. I got the recipe from a Country Living magazine that my neighbor shared. Deep Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe. But I have a secret...I made a boxed Devil's Food cake mix and just made the icing from scratch. Whoa! Both the raspberry filling and the chocolate butter cream were out of this world and took the cake to the homemade, over the top level. Here is the chocolate butter cream recipe. It made a ton of frosting, I had a plastic container full leftover, which my kids have eaten like fudge every day since. The Raspberry Frosting instructions are included with the cake recipe. I made only half of what it called for, and that was the perfect amount. I also did not strain the jam, and that was fine too. Can you tell I like to take shortcuts?

Last night, I made quiche with leftover Easter ham. Yum. I love quiche! I use the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook which gives many variations so you can sub in different ingredients. I added broccoli to the basic recipe and it was so good. In fact, I think I need a slice for breakfast right now.

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Anonymous said...

If you ever want to share I am always a taker. You amaze me :)

Anonymously, Susie