Monday, April 13, 2009

an easter recap

This story could be told with MANY more photos, I got a surprisingly good amount this year but Blogger only allows 4 for it's easy upload so I went with these.
First, it began with color coded clues for the girls from the Bunny himself. Blue was Olivia's color.
Later in the day we had our annual, family Easter egg hunt. This year, we took the team route and team PINK found their 50 eggs first. The above photo is of them after receiving their gifts.
The highlight of the hunt is always the golden egg. Or, plastic carrot as it has been for the past few years. This year, it was the top only of the plastic carrot. My mom accidentally lost the bottom while trying to hide it in a drain pipe! That led to a discussion of our Golden Eggs from years past and just what exactly keeps happening to them. Anyway, Olivia found it this year, all by herself, after all of us, adults included, searched for at least 10 minutes beyond the point that the colored eggs had been located. In this photo, my mom is presenting her with her prize which includes $10. (By the way, that is how you get adults to hunt, dangle the money carrot: pun intended!).
And this I like to call Goodnight Easter. Shelby passed out on our chair sorta sideways, mostly backward, at around 8:15. That's how you know it was fun.
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