Sunday, April 5, 2009

weekend summary + sunday showcase

Olivia leaving for her first ever, Brownie, overnight which went very well. Shew!

Shelby's first soccer game of the Spring Season. Also went well.
Snickers the guinea pig got loose from this little circle configuration but thankfully Kacie scooped him back up and placed him in the cage. There was a lot of screaming and giggling during that 45 seconds.
Last, the coloring of the eggs!

Sunday Showcase:

Mexican Lasagna recipe: this is from Woman's Day magazine. I just prepared it but for tomorrow's night's dinner. Very easy and my taster bites indicated it is yummy too. I could see just serving this cold and scooping it up with chips or wrapping the leftovers (which there is probably another 1.5 cups left) in a tortilla as a soft taco. Meatless too.
Alicia Paulson fat quarter pack--which I can see is already sold out. I knew I should not have hesitated. Thinking about purchases instead of just ordering on impulse is just NO FUN! I really love these fabrics together and wish I had snagged it.
Creative Parties and Showers: A great idea to collect all kinds of creativity in one place. Readers can submit their own party ideas too. Scroll down to see the tags on the water bottles that hold drink mixes. Love this idea.
Cali-schetta recipe: I had torn this out of a magazine but found the exact same recipe spelled out here. I am not typically an avocado eater and totally loved this.

No wonder I am in need of many sit ups!
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