Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I met Diane Keaton last night...

and this is the only photographic evidence I have! A strawberry dressed in a chocolate tuxedo that I picked up at the reception following her Smart Talk Media presentation! Seriously, it was a no picture taking event, however, there was a professional photog there, who took two pics of my friend Amy, myself and the incomparable Diane Keaton. As soon as there is a link available online, it WILL BE HERE b/c seriously, how many times in life am I going to have this kind of brush with fame?!

More about Diane...she was a wonderfully charismatic and genuine speaker. Her presentation was peppered with slide shows, many of which, featured her own, personal home videos. Her personality was as I imagined, similar to many of the roles she has played on the big screen.

I think what resonates most with me is her passion for pictures, journals, telling a story, documentation---all the things I subscribe to in my real life. Had I not attended last night, I would not have known we both shared this passion along with an amazing and overwhelming love for our Mothers and our Children. Her stories were heartfelt and reminded me to continue doing what I love...taking pictures and documenting the life of me and my family.

What a fun night and wonderful, out of the ordinary experience, to have enjoyed. My thanks to Smart Talk Media for including me. Each speaker brings something new to the table and puts a spin on their story making it especially appealing, and relevant to women. Last night, being part of the sisterhood surrounding me in the audience (including my VERY dear friend Amy) was just an awesome experience. I look forward to the 2010 series!
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hks said...

hey tracy..

congrats!!! you are the winner of a 'Hello Teacher' kit from House of 3 on my blog!!
fun fun!
email me for the link:

Amy said...

Thanks for letting me enjoy the experience with you! Looks like the tuxedo strawberry survived the ride home! LOL!