Wednesday, June 24, 2009

one glorious cupcake: local Milford Cupcakery!

I wrote about this last month, but today, I visited the shop. Patty, the store owner, could not have been nicer and more proud of her store and her products. She is living her dream and it shows! Awesome.
Speaking of awesome...the cupcake I sampled was divine. Holy Moly. It was a white cupcake with raspberry filling and the most delicious raspberry frosting of ALL TIME. Visions of the other flavors are running through my head, calling to me to drive back up the road tomorrow and taste another!
Check out their website or even better, visit the store! Patty says she has customers from all over the city and after tasting that cupcake today, I totally understand why. Pin It


Patty said...

Thank you soooo much Tracy! It was so much fun "Sharing the Sweet Life" with you today! You are welcome anytime!!! (But I really should stay in the kitchen where I belong! LOL:)

Littlesnowflakes said...

She is also an awesome team mate! Always able to give helpful advice. I am so proud of Patty and the dream she has brought to life.