Sunday, June 28, 2009

the return of the sunday showcase

and a new blog banner! I totally lifted this idea from one of my favorite blogs: NDG. I will absolutely admit I like hers far better than my own but I used what I had to make a reasonable knock off. To create mine, since I organize my digi scrap supplies in Picasa, I simply searched for the products I wanted to use by these keywords:


I knew, or hoped, I had used keywords such as these OR that the actual product description included them. Lucky for me, many items came up and I just plopped down the ones I liked. I simply the cut the paper into the shapes to fill the grids. I did not make a list of the products I used (sorry!) but most were from 2008 kits.

I feel like there were more clever and unique things found online this week than ever before! Here is a short list of what caught my eye:

Sunday Showcase

MeritMarket--I love both the coasters and camera accessories
LuLuBug Jewelry-colored concrete + sterling silver=amazing
NDG...from my house--I told you I love her, and now she has an etsy shop. Joy!

A Alicia Handmade Acessories-beautiful felt corsages

Earlier, the girls and I took Skipper the dog for his first visit to PetsMart. Yes, he did pee on the floor :( But, he is also signed up for Puppy class beginning July 7. Bring it on! Pin It

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Mrs. E said...

Love your knock off banner!