Tuesday, July 21, 2009

celebration: the day after

Here is the B'day girl modeling her glasses from her Goody Bag.
Shelby and her friends Gillian and Lauren, enjoying an attraction.
A picture I forced, of my two girls together.
And some of the group with Chuck E. Cheese himself.

I must say, CEC did not disappoint again this year (Shelby's choice twice). It is very low maintenance for the party parent, they take care of everything and move the party along and the kids have fun. I also think it is a good value especially if I ever tallied what I have spent on some of the themed parties I have thrown at home. This year, I had them do it all: from balloons, pizza to cake and goody bags.

Onto gifts...she got a couple of standouts last night. First, the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center is very cool. It is well made, and well thought out. Plus, you can download many more templates online.
Right now, my girls are doing this Glitter Lava which is neat too. Less messy than glitter glue. It is described as putty, and you push into the grooves of the shapes provided to create "art". Shelby got the jewelry set and as it is a slow process, it is keeping them quite busy.
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Note: Pictures are impossible at CEC, so please cut me some slack on these taken with my point and shoot!
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