Saturday, July 11, 2009

a quick birthday party recap

My family came early and in order to busy ourselves during the rainy day, MaMa and PaPa gave the girls their American Girl dolls before the party began. Carissa and Julie Albright = big hits!
A little blurry, but that is my five year old receiving an "i phone" in her words. In reality, it is an ipod shuffle. Still crazy. I just loaded songs on it.
Next, Olivia holding crocs for her American Girl dolls. I found a totally cute local store with tons of doll stuff. Also, a big hit.
And the finale, my rainbow 6 inch cakes that I made for each girl. It was a surprise what was inside b/c I had them iced before the girls saw. They turned out really great. I followed ideas from here and here. The second link here, whoa!, that lady must have used an intense amount of food coloring to get such bright colors. This would be totally fun to do for a tie dye theme.

More pictures to follow including our very strange dog Skipper who has taken a big liking to the pool water, from a close perch right on the edge.
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