Tuesday, July 7, 2009

she collects statues

She does. She loves them. She loves the blown glass kind you see on vacation or at the kiosks during Christmas. She often spends her $1 at the Dollar Store, on a statue. She has begun collecting Precious Moments and asking for them for birthdays and holidays. She collects statues.

For at least 3 years, Olivia has paid close attention to the display case at the local library which rotates other peoples' collections. They might be baking pans, or drawings, or dog memorabilia--but she notices. She stops and looks at each one and then always asks how they got their collection in there? And more importantly, how can she display HER collection?
So last month we asked. The only open month was July. Perfect as it is her Birthday month. Today, we planned to deliver her collection for display. First, she dictated to me what she wanted her informational sign to read:
Next, she insisted that we identify which were made by Aunt Kelly and she came up with the small green signs. (I mean seriously, is that like the sweetest, kindest gesture ever?! Aunt Kelly made these to make her happy and OH have they made her happy. She loves them. Proof that with kids it is the little things.) Then we wrapped each of her gems into newspaper and transported them to the library.

Where they will be enjoyed by many over the next month.
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Heather said...

That is so great that she was able to display her collection for others to see - that must have made her feel so special. How fun!!!

Amy said...

I love it. I love that she loves random statues. And on display at the library...that is just icing on the cake!