Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's back to school tomorrow....

I think we're ready! Shelby got to "check it out" today, as she told her dad and met her teacher and rode around the parking lot on a bus. While there, Olivia met her teacher (as did I) and saw her room too. I am mostly excited and ready for this change in routine. My apprehensions are as follows:
--it is far too hot and humid, and Olivia has no AC in her wing of the building
--Olivia is scheduled for school, then basketball practice immediately following. This would make her first day 9 hours long, with about 45 minutes for a breather and for dinner before Shelby has soccer practice at 6p. I feel like something is going to have to give.
--Shelby rides to school on her own every day, but tomorrow, since her sister has basketball after school, she has to ride home alone on her first day. I don't like it :)

Now I know, kids are resilient so this will probably not (may not?) bother them. It's my job to worry though, right? And to over analyze! Wish us luck.
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