Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more pages

I know, I have done more pages in a week than in probably all the months of this year combined! They are all on the simple side, but they tell our story.

As I have mentioned, the humidity here has just been oppressive. I have had almost a constant headache for days. My escape has been the AC, and some computer time. I have some quilting projects calling to me as well but life (2 kids, doctors' appointments, eye doctor appointments, school shopping, dog training, eating three meals per day + countless snacks) tends to get in the way!

I did manage to wash all of the new uniform shirts yesterday and they are all hanging neatly in a row in the laundry room. I adhered my fancy Mabel's Labels to each one and they are ready to go for next week. Those labels are amazing, and worth the price. They withstand all the washing and drying easily. I went with a dolphin and simply our last name, making them useful for both of my girls on new items, and hand me downs work with ease too.
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