Monday, September 21, 2009

crossing things off of the endless to-do list...

I partially cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer, in order to locate a bag of soda pop lids and 12 pack box pieces. Our school is collecting those points at My Coke Rewards. I am not sure how quickly they add up or what the school will eventually earn, but I have a one Coke a day habit (on good days), and it might was well be used for good :) Earlier, I sat down and entered half of what I have collected, earning a whopping 28 points.

I paid all my bills online and entered the HUGE stack of receipts hanging out in my purse, into my check log. I realized the reason my water bill was only $6.71 last month was b/c a different payment (sewer?) got applied to it, causing a late notification to come on that. I always feel better when the error is not mine, or at least not completely mine!

While paying that stack of bills, I finally and for the first time ever, redeemed some credit card CASH BACK points. I will be receiving a $25 check in the mail. Yea. Go, me! (I have redeemed Delta Skymiles but nothing else).

When I paid my Old Navy bill, I found a $10 cash back coupon in there. Suddenly, I don't feel quite as broke as I did when I woke up this morning.

And I will end with this. Shelby and I walked up to the bus and all of sudden, Skipper's collar literally just fell off from around his neck and he took off racing down the road like a thoroughbread. For at least 10 seconds, I just stood there motionless. My mind was just going through the scenarios of 1)him being hit by a car and/or 2) the impossibility of catching the little booger. We can rarely catch him in the confines of our own yard, much less for him to be running free! By some miracle, he came back to the bus stop without much coaxing and Shelby reached down and grabbed him. It was nothing short of a miracle. I really cannot express my happiness as I was figuring I'd be out running through the neighborhood for a good hour after she left for school.

I guess now I understand why my husband refers to him as a pain in the *ss.
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Anonymous said...

Glad he's came back safe, such a cute pic!