Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a quest to print digital photos

So the Hard Drive crash has left me sort of panicked. I was SO GOOD about printing my photos even after I started making digital scrapbook pages. But this week has shown me, I pretty much have not done that for a whole year. Both girls are "stars of the week" in their classroom and needed to take photos in to show. Well, we ended up printing a good number of them right off my printer. Not good quality and it certainly does not make good economic sense.

So, in an effort to protect a few of these gems, I have started uploading a nice handful from each month. I am putting everything in the same album over at Costco and it will be safe there and once I have worked backwards from August 2009-December 2008, I will place an order. That way, I will have a selection on hand for projects and at least that many that can be held in hand, versus living on a hard drive.
Walking through memory lane....Shelby on her first day of school last year.
Olivia on her first day last year (wowsa, what is up with that hair?!)
Some driveway fun from May.
And, one of my famed (er, not so much) self portraits.
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