Wednesday, September 23, 2009

recycling-upcycle-going green

Here is one of my efforts, a new one, that I happen to love. The above envelope was made from a library book purchased at a local thrift store for $1. I totally love this idea. I simply tore out each page, traced an envelope template and constructed beautiful note card envelopes from each page of the book.
From that, spawned this--gift tag envelopes, also using the same children's Christmas book.
Last night, I began to think of the 4 copies of Cook's Illustrated that my neighbor gave me (again, another very green idea) and instead of recycling or passing those on, I turned them into mini envelopes as well.
And guess what? The size is perfect for a gift card. PERFECT. So, if you like this idea, leave a comment and I will pick a random winner on Sunday 9/27. That person will receive 4 of the mini envelopes: 2 Christmas, and the 2 food ones shown. The one on the right actually shows a complete recipe for sauteed mushrooms. What foodie would not love to receive this?!

In case you would like to make some on your own, I just carefully peeled apart actual envelopes and used those for my template. It is a very simple craft with an impressive end result. I used a double sided tape dispenser to glue mine together but a glue stick would work as well. If you are interested in a very simple demonstration, check out this video by Amy Karol. My husband brought home a few blueprints for me to make more envelopes using that design. Maps are another great idea.
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plainoldsarah said...

having cute stationary makes me always think i will write more real letters! i can't wait to try this myself.

TK said...

genius! my son has some picture books that are in rough shape so this vs a perfect way to reuse them.

ange_moore said...

What a great idea - love it!

jobee said...

great idea! I've made envelopes out of wrapping paper - hadn't thought of worn out books!

Ladipierce said...

What a super green idea! Lots of books go to waste. Here's a good use for them. Very creative.

sandyandcosmo said...

I'm always looking for ways to reuse old books, thanks for sharing this great idea.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Beautiful. I am a stationary/paper addict and would love to have a sample of our work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I will have to try this!