Sunday, September 13, 2009

a weekend recap..

In photos...sorta.

First, one set of grandparents "scored" a basketball hoop at garage sale and with some DIY love from one Grandpa and one Dad, it is in full working order. Miss Olivia can make baskets pretty readily at 9ft, she still struggles with 10. If determination is the name of the game, then she is all set.

This is a snapshot of her version of the Ickey Shuffle--a little post basket celebration. I actually caught more of this on a video clip.
Next, our dog Skipper received a much needed haircut. He looks like a totally different pup-a-roo. The Petsmart groomers said he was so well behaved that he slept during the end of his appointment. If only some of that behavior would happen at home...

Yesterday (Saturday) I participated in Race for the Cure. Wow, such a powerful thing to be part of. The bad news, I charged my camera battery all night only to forget to place it back in the camera. I had the camera along with me, but no battery. It is a true shame too b/c it was gorgeous weather, a lovely walking tour of our city, AND seeing the estimated 15 million people, mostly dressed in pink moving as a vast sea, was something I would have loved to have captured. I hope to land some photos on line but so far, no luck.
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