Sunday, October 11, 2009

halloween decor

Although the picture came out a bit blurry, it is the first day of actual sun coming in our sliding doors to take a photo at all, so this is the one I am sharing. I gotta admit, my little BOO! banner makes me smile. And a Shelby funny, she said: I know how to spell BOO. B-O-O-i. She turned the exclamation point upside down. Cute!
And here we have my 15 minute pillow. In it's defense, the form was a flat pancake but in addition it doesn't fit as well from top to bottom as it does side to side, giving it kind of a sad appearance. It came to be because on Friday, I whipped up my first ever log cabin (ish) block from scratch which was a pretty proud, moment. The fabric is a bit of left over material from the Boo! banners so I used it here. This chair sits in front of my mantle.

These photos are strategically angled so as to cut out all the clutter surrounding every other square inch of that room. Sigh.
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