Monday, November 16, 2009

want vs. need

This has lately been the mantra of my mother. Trying to keep all of her little ducks in a row starting with her own children and working down to the grandchildren. It's a tough economy and she wants us to be secure and thrifty :)
So often when we find ourselves saying: I want that! or even I need that! She will say: want vs. need? And it often does make me think twice.
Yet, I still have a list of things I just plain like. Which makes me want them. Or want to make them. Or need to make them...

bird nesting kit found on etsy

a laptop--every Sunday ad is calling to me and I swear a Dell at Costco today almost jumped right into my cart on it's own accord

fabric like this Michael Miller Christmas fat quarter set:

stockings: (which I already ordered from HERE along with a fifth that displays a dog bone:)

Maybe a cute purse like this, brought to my attention by a catalog I received in the mail

Brighton jewelry, or even better a pair of sunglasses

Ok, I must stop. The point is, the more I am out in the world shopping or browsing online for others, the more temptation that surrounds me. I have made a small dent in my Christmas shopping. And I have even handcrafted several gifts--those are pluses. I just wish there was not so much great stuff to want...and a lot less to actually need. Pin It

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