Friday, December 11, 2009

cookies and


Tonight the girls both attended a birthday party at a Pottery painting place. It was conveniently located near an Outback Steakhouse so Dave and I went there to wait the 1hr 15 mins. Did you know you currently can get a steak and lobster dinner for $14.95? Well you can and it is tasty!

And now for the cookies. Tomorrow is our annual cookie day at my Mom's. I saw these cookies in the latest BHG and knew I wanted to try them.

The recipe is here. I made the dough yesterday and it is wonderful. I only made one batch so mine will be the tiny vanilla version with the raspberry filling. Oh yea. There are lots of traditions included in Cookie Day--my Mom's Spritz cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, the gifts she always gives to each one of us. It is the do not miss event of the season :)

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