Monday, December 28, 2009

rating the Christmas presents

This one for Dave. HIT!
Bendaroos for both girls. HIT!
Crayola Glow Dome. MISS! Pretty much useless on all accounts, however, the Glow Station is fun and well made.

Guitar. BIG HIT!

Band Hero for the family. HIT x 100! The song choices are fun and ones you know.
Zhu Zhu pet from Uncle Rick. HIT! To view excitement live, click video here.
As you can see, our family was blessed this Holiday.
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1 comment:

Amy said...

love the zhu zhu excitement. wish we had a few more people in our house so we could get band hero. we're just enjoying the wii and the few games we have. already hit the dog with the controller once. OOPS!