Saturday, December 26, 2009

scenes from Christmas

The began at 6:17 courtesy of Olivia, first kid up!

My two smiley girls holding the gifts they gave each other. Great minds think pretty much alike, eh? (Same girls are currently fighting over markers, really loudly, like the end of the world is looming).
Skipper the dog enjoying his first Christmas. He did sorta open the package (funny, b/c normally he can shred the entire Sunday newspaper in under 4 minutes) and was most intrigued by all things squeaky...especially the $1 sheep from Walmart.

The girls receiving Band Hero at Dave's parents later that night. I mean what is not to love? It features Taylor Swift you know. (and for the older crowd: the Go Gos, Jackson 5, YMCA).
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And I will end with this very sweet girl, loving on her Dad :)
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