Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing...Valerie Bertinelli

I'm Tracy and these are my BFFs: Colleen,Valerie and Beth! Ha Ha...

That's right, we got to meet Ms. Bertinelli in person following her talk at the Aronoff. She was down to earth, accommodating to photos and questions and friendly just like she was one of the gang.

Earlier in the night, she spoke much about her weight loss and how eating was often a crutch in her life before she went on the Jenny Craig diet and publicly, vowed to lose 30 lbs. Besides shedding the pounds, she talked about how a spiritual transformation took place as well-how the weight she felt on her shoulders seemed to lighten as well as the the weight she saw on the scale. Most poignant to me was her discussion of being on "maintenance", a term I assume is coined by the Jenny Craig system. But Valerie Bertinelli embraced the idea of maintaining balance, harmony and happiness in her life as a whole, not just maintaining her new goal weight. She admitted to having a sign on her refrigerator stating: Leap and the net will follow. I like that.

She was quite articulate both in her prepared speech and in the Q&A that followed with Carol Williams. I left feeling inspired to remain aware of my choices, the little ones like eating 3 oreo cookies for a snack instead of a banana, and the big ones too.

And if you are wondering...she looks great! She is about to be 50 and honestly could pass for 10+ years younger!

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